Serving the Lord in Russia

Monday, July 19, 2010

Metro, McDonalds & Miracles

Komsomolskaya Station

On our P-Day last week we decided to take a tour of the famous Metro system of Moscow.  After I got over the initial shock of going deep, deep down into the metro we had  a wonderful time exploring the beautiful metro stations.  To give you an idea of how deep some of these stations are, many were used as bomb shelters during WWII.  Most of the metro lines are like spokes that meet at a hub in the center.  The Brown Line is an exception and is a circle that crosses all the other lines.  Many of the stations on the Brown Line look like art museums.  Also, they are so clean!  We didn't see any trash at all, not even a trash can.  They say 9 million people ride the metro system every day.  Wow!

Kievskaya Station

Belorusskaya Station

Novoslobodskaya Station

Prospekt Mira Station

The other night we met three of our couple missionaries at a McDonalds for dinner before we had Family Home Evening.  I thought our grandchildren would enjoy seeing what McDonalds looks like here.  I was busy snapping photos of the menu when Steve said the manager was yelling at me for taking pictures.  I looked up and sure enough I was being told in Russian that no photos were allowed.  I'm glad I got the ones I did.


"Moscow Miracles" is what we call the missionary work here.  It is so thrilling to see the gospel going forth in this historic land.  Miracles really are happening here!  This last Saturday two sweet women were baptized thanks to our missionaries and members.


  1. Wow! What great pictures. It is so fun to see what you are up to. We Love You!

  2. The Metro looks amazing there. In Spain it is just plain and boring. Looks so beautiful there. Its fun to see McDonald's in other countries! Love the pictures.

  3. Everything looks really beautiful. It's fun to see what you're doing. McDonalds looked good too. Glad to hear the missionary work is going forward. Amazing blessings!