Serving the Lord in Russia

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Saying Hello and Saying Goodbye

One of the many new things I'm learning as a missionary is the many hellos and goodbyes.  I've always loved hellos but I hate saying goodbye.  We have been blessed to welcome four new missionaries in the last two months.  It is exciting to have them here and we are anxiously waiting for another Elder to arrive any day.  But, we have also had to say goodbye to six wonderful missionaries who served so faithfully and we miss them greatly. 

                                               Welcome!  Welcome!
Elder Perfilyev, from Russia, arrived in our mission on July 22.  It is the tradition here in the Moscow Mission to take our new missionaries to Red Square the day they arrive and give them the opportunity to begin contacting people.

Sister & Elder Wright and Sister & Elder Gronning

The Gronnings, from Utah, arrived in our mission on July 26th.  They are our new office couple and have taken over the reins very quickly and nicely.  They replaced Sister and Elder Wright who served so faithfully here in the office.

Elder & Sister Gronning, President Sorenson on his birthday, and Elders Hansen & Croese.

Elder Paul, from Las Vegas, arrived in Moscow on August 31.  

Elder Paul with Elder Callister, one of our AP's, working together on Red Square on Elder Paul's first day here.

Elder Perfilyev and Elder Paul greeting each other.  They were in the same MTC District in Provo.

"God be with you 'till we meet again."

Sister Dayberry, from Washington, was our first missionary we said goodbye to.

Elder and Sister Wright, our faithful office couple, returned home to Utah the first of August.

Elder and Sister Rees returned home to Salem, Utah on September first.  Elder Rees served both as a missionary and as the Area doctor and Sister Rees as a missionary and as the Area Patriarchal Blessing Coordinator.

Our dear sweet Elder Demchenko, from Russia, returned home September 2.

Well done, thou good and faithful servants.


  1. You'll probably never enjoy those goodbyes very much. I remember each time I had to change areas on my mission is was like being stabbed in the heart--so painful! I feel that way when I have to leave China too and say goodbye to the wonderful people there--it's just hard.

  2. You and Dad look so great in every picture!

    I am looking forward to our next hello, but not our next goodbye!!

    Love you.

  3. Love reading your updates. Goodbyes are never fun. I loved your quilt you gave to Meg. It was sad not to have you there though.

  4. Just in case I am able to post this, it's me - ASH... I have so many things I want to share with you and Uncle Steve. I have written so many letters in my head... You are such good, good folks.

    I miss you. I am so thankful for you. I love you.

  5. Corinne,
    It's a small world.... Dr. Reese delivered Uini and Noel!

    You look great, but my husband says you're too skinny.

    It's fun to see all of your pictures.

    The Unufe's