Serving the Lord in Russia

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ways We Find

Two very effective ways for our missionaries to get acquainted with people are English Club and chalk drawing.  On Wednesday nights, for an hour, our missionaries are available to speak Engish with people who want to improve their English.  After the club meeting people are welcome to stay, if they would like, for a spiritual thought or video segment.  At one of our buildings we usually have between 80 to 100 people who come for the English Club and then many who stay afterwards.    

Elder Lund leads a discussion.

Our chalk art drawings are great!  A few of our Elders or Sisters go to a Metro Station and draw a scene on the sidewalk from the Book of Mormon.  Two missionaries draw and then a couple of missionaries are there to explain, to those who stop to watch, what they are drawing.  It is very effective and they draw a good size crowd of people who stop and ask questions.  The day we went to watch, Elder Anderson and Elder Grover were drawing Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. 

Elder Grover and Elder Anderson

Elders Lund and Mecham with an interested young man.

Thank you Elder Anderson and Elder Grover!

We weren't able to stay to see the completed picture but we were sure impressed with what we did see.  It usually takes about two hours to complete the scene they are drawing.  While we were there the missionaries who came were busy talking with the onlookers.  We hope the weather continues to be nice for a couple more months so our artists can continue to create.  


  1. That's really neat. I think my chalk drawings would be stick figures!
    I love the idea of the English club too. What a great way to meet and talk to people and leave a positive impression of the church!