Serving the Lord in Russia

Sunday, November 21, 2010

1 + 9 + 1 + 64 in Moscow

In Moscow we have 1 district, 9 branches, and 1 mission branch.  And they are all teriffic!  There are about 2,150 members in our district and we are growing.  Miracles take place here weekly with baptisms and we have been so thrilled this month because on November 13th a family of four were baptized, on the 20th a mother and son were baptized by the husband who was just baptized in September and next week, on the 27th, we have another family of 4 being baptized.  Missionary work formally began here 20 years ago and now we have a mighty missionary army of 64 (which includes 4 senior couple missionaries that give full time missionary service and 3 senior couples that help us part-time because of their East Europe Area responsibilities).  Twenty years ago my aunt and uncle, Pauline and Joe Pace, were the first senior missionaries in Moscow.  It's been so thrilling for me to walk in their footsteps.  They helped build the foundation here and now the work is moving forward quickly.  In fact, things are lining up for Moscow to be formed into a Stake.  When that happens, it will be the first stake in all of Russia.  That will happen in the Lord's time depending on our faith and good works.  Here are our branches.

Our Podolsk Branch.

We call this the South building and our Kakhovsky Branch meets here.  We have a baptismal font in this building.

We call this the Central Building and our Rechnoy and Arbatski Branches meet here.  We use this building for our zone conferences, other training, teaching investigators, leadership meetings, district, branch and missionary activities, etc.  This church building is one of two that the Church actually owns.

This is where our Zelenograd Branch meets.  This is the other building that the Church owns and there is also a baptismal font here.

Elder Baldakov (from Russia) and me in front of the Perovo Branch.

Perovo Branch building.

This is our tiny Universityetski Branch (the door on the left).

Our Lotoshino Mission Branch is located about 2 hours north of Moscow and there have been no missionaries there for the past 5 years.  The Church has rented this "driving school" building on Sundays for our 15 members who live in that area.  However, there are only 2 members who are active right now.

On this is beautiful Sunday morning when we attended our Lotoshino Branch these are people who attended church that day.  Keep in mind that Stephen, our driver (Alexander), our two Office Elders (Croese and Hansen) and me are the visitors.  That leaves the Branch President and his wife, their daughter-in-law, granddaughter, their son (who is taking the picture), a member and a friend she brought that were in that Branch.  The son and his family have since moved.  What great faithful saints!

This building is where our International and Sokoiniki Branches meet.

This special lady from the International Branch, Irina Williams, was taught and brought into the Church 20 years ago by my Aunt Pauline and Uncle Joe.  She and her husband are two of the faithful active members here and have contributed much to the growth here.  Thank you, Aunt Pauline!  I also love Irina!

President Sorenson reporting to work at the Mission Office.

And so the work of the Lord presses forward in this great land of Russia!  We love it here and are grateful for the privlege to serve here at this historic time.  Miracles in Moscow are going forth!


  1. I can't believe how small some of your branches are! I love when you post guys look great.

    Love you, miss you!

  2. It looks like you two are doing great! That's so amazing that you met a lady your family introduced to the gospel. What a small world!