Serving the Lord in Russia

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Happy Thanksgiving in Moscow

Our Thanksgiving in Moscow was full of gratitude, love, outstanding missionaries, delicious food, lots of laughter, tender moments, and sweet memories.  What joy we felt to have 13 of our faithful missionaries in our home to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.  Our Kakhovsky District joined us for the wonderful feast and afternoon.  Yes, we did have turkey and pumpkin pie, thanks to the Titus family who live here in Moscow.  Brother Titus works at the American Embassy and we were able to purchase a turkey, one can of "Libbys" pumpkin and one can of evaporated milk for each of our 7 missionary districts.  Each of our senior couples is assigned to a district of missionaries and they graciously had their district into their small apartments for Thanksgiving dinner.  Each district is claiming that they had the best time and food.  As missionaries we have so many blessings and gratitude was abundant on Thanksgiving, as it is everyday.

Our Thanksgiving table before the feast.
At the feast.
After the feast.
Sister Sorenson and our new missionary, Sister Matyanova from St. Petersburg, shaping the rolls.

Our many chefs.

After our feast, our district leader, Elder Nikolaichev, planned an activity based on The Title of Liberty as found in Alma 46.  In verse 12 it reads, "And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it - In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children..."  Elder Nikolaichev, took his shirt (he had another one) and wrote, in Russian, "In memory of our god, our faith and families...of our Moscow mission, goals, and district of Zion." and instead of hoisting it on a pole we wrote our names on it.  We all took turns wearing our Title of Liberty and expressing what we were thankful for. 

We were then able to play a short round of Guesters before our missionaries left to get in a few hours of work before retiring for the day.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving as missionaries here in Moscow.  How grateful we are for this opportunity to serve the Lord.  And thus ended our day of thanksgiving as missionaries and as "...true believers of Christ..."  Alma 46:14.

Our Happy Thanksgiving 2010!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving!! Looks like you had a great one! Did those cards end up working out for you ok?

  2. It looks like you cooked up a great feast once again! I'm sure you made it feel just like home for those missionaries.

    We sure missed you at home!

  3. Wow. Your table looks beautiful. And your feast looks delicious. Glad it was a Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Looks so fun! What a great idea.

  5. What a wonderful Thanksgiving. One you will never forget. I liked the Thankful Shirt. That may have to be something you continue as a tradition at home.

  6. your thanksgiving looks wonderful. we all miss you so much!