Serving the Lord in Russia

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Time at the Mission Home

I love decorating for Christmas!  Over the years I have collected many treasures that family and friends have given me or I have made myself and I brought just a few of them with me to Moscow.  I didn't know what to expect here in Moscow as far as what would be available to purchase for Christmas decorations.  I was pleasantly surprised to find so many options.  My first desire was to find a Christmas tree.  Thanks to our driver we were able to purchase an artifical tree, two strings of lights and a few tree ornaments.  I decided to try my hand at making gingerbread boys and girls to hang on the tree.  It took about two weeks to make them.  You know, a few minutes here and a few minutes there but they turned out ok and they smell good too.  So, here is how our mission home looks at Christmas time.

This nativity set is from the early 1950's and Stephen remembers this being out every year in his home when he was a young child.  Our children also remember having this out at Christmas.  I'm sure Stephen's parents never dreamed that this would be displayed in Russia.

On December 26, 1976, Stephen's sister, Claudia Nielson, and I went down to ZCMI to try and purchase a couple of Christmas decorations that were on sale for half off.  Both of us were able to buy one of these great treasures.  It was my first nativity set as a new wife and mother.

I've been able to add a few new Christmas decorations to my collection this year.  These next three decorations were all hand carved and painted by Russian artists.  That means six artists were involved -- three that did the carving and three that painted.  I love their work.

This is the artist, Tatiana Zamanova, who painted the little Santa (Dyed Muroz in Russian) on the sled.  I went to a Russian cultural class and they had her demonstrate painting the famous Matyoshka dolls.  She was so darling.  I was able to purchase this one pieces of hers.

Now the best 2010 Christmas decorations of all.............

Our Zone Leaders Council on December 2nd.

Our Sister's Conference on December 9th.
Merry Christmas from Moscow!


  1. The house looks great mom! I love how you've decorated it and it's easy to tell that the missionaries love it too!

  2. You've made your home so welcoming and inviting. I just want to come and pull up by your cozy fair and talk for awhile. It's beautiful

  3. I loved seeing all your decorations. And the new Russian ones you have are amazing!

  4. This year when we delivered Christmas gifts to our friends...I REALLY missed not seeing you and Steve. Thanks for your wonderful brings you a little closer! Love you two! Peggy