Serving the Lord in Russia

Monday, October 31, 2011

Celebrating Early

When our Bowen family was here with us last week we celebrated Emily's birthday and Halloween early.  Emily turned 12 years old the day they flew home and Russia does not have Halloween so we celebrated those two events on October 27th.  In Rosinka, the gated community where we live, they had a Halloween party and the children could go out "Trick or Treating" for an hour to those homes who had their front porch lights on.  The Bowen children brought their Halloween costumes with them and we took them to a few houses to "Trick or Treat."  We had a fun, fun evening with Emily's birthday and Halloween.

Emily and Lindsey.

Our beautiful Emily turns 12.

An early Halloween for the Bowen children in Moscow.

Even Hailey dressed up in her little pig costume for Halloween.

Hannah eating a few of her Halloween treats.

My birthday was a few days before the Bowens arrived and it was a wonderful day.  We had our whole mission gathered together for our Specialized Training and then we surprised them with flu shots before lunch.  They were all good sports about it.

October 2011 at our Russia Moscow Mission Specialized Training with all our young missionaries and most of our senior couples.

President Soresnon getting his flu shot.

Sister Sorenson getting her flu shot.  Take note of the nurse's protective clothing - hat, mask and gown....but not gloves!

We are now ready for the long winter in Moscow!


  1. Who is the lady in that last picture? That is hilarious.

    Looks like you had fun birthday celebrations and a fun early Halloween. The kids all look cute in their costumes.

  2. I am laughing out loud at the flu shot pictures-SO funny! The Halloween festivities looks great. What a memory!