Serving the Lord in Russia

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Our Family in Moscow

What a thrill it was to have our older daughter, Jeannette, and her husband, Jon, and their six children with us in Moscow for a week.  It was heavenly!  The Lord blessed us all with good health, safety and protection, good weather (it was cold, but no snow or rain), happy children, and great experiences.  How grateful we are for the sacrifice they made to come and see our Moscow Mission and the wonderful sights here in Moscow.  Here are just a few of the many highlights of their trip.

The Bowen family at the Mission Office to get their documents scanned just an hour after their arrival in Moscow.  They had two long flights:  Salt Lake City to New York (about a five-hour flight) and then from New York to Moscow (about a ten-hour flight).  They looked great after their 20-hour journey!

However, as the day wore on (there is a ten-hour time difference between Utah and Moscow) they began to feel the results of long travel.



Kate at dinner.

The day they arrived was Jack's 8th birthday.  We celebrated his birthday and their first night here with cheeseburgers, peanut butter cookies, and chocolate ice cream (Jack's choice.)

The next day was Jeannette's birthday so we went down to the Kremlin to see the Armory Museum and a few other sights.

The Trinity Tower.

Emily, Grandma, Lindsey, Jack, and Kate in Alexander's Gardens.

The Bowen family in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The State Historical Museum.

The children were excited when they saw this familiar sight.  We had lunch at McDonald's on Red Square.  How cool is that!

Jet lag hit Lindsey hard after she ate her lunch.

To celebrate Jeannette's birthday we had dinner at the Rosinka Family Restaruant in the gated community where we live.  We talked Jon into ordering a bowl of borscht and to our great surprise Jeannette, Emily, Lindsey, Jack, and Kate tried it as well.  It was especially a big hit with Lindsey, Jack and Kate.  Way to go!

Happy Birthday, Jeannette - Russian style!

One of the wonderful events that happened was Jack's baptism in Moscow.  He was so excited and it was an incredible experience.

The Bowen family.

October 22, 2011 Jack Michael Bowen is baptized by his dad in Moscow, Russia.

Jack with Grandma and Grandpa Sorenson and a few of our Russia Moscow missionaries that brought investigators to the baptism.

The Bowens, Grandma and Grandpa, and President Yakov Boiko, the first Stake President in Russia.

Jack with our mission driver, Alexander.  Alexander is wearing his Russian Air Force Service Metal.

Raisa, a dear Russian member/babushka, getting acquainted with Hailey.

One of Hailey's favorite activities with Grandpa.

Riding the Metro in Moscow (notice Emily asleep in the window reflection).

Kate, Jeannette, and Hannah on the Metro.

Jack, Lindsey, Emily, Kate, and Grandma on the Metro.

Lindsey helping in the kitchen at the mission home.

Lindsey at Victory Park.

Jon and Jeannette at Victory Park.

Lindsey, Jack, and Emily at Victory Park.  

We loved having our dear family with us in Moscow!!!


  1. Oh mom, what a great trip it was! You failed to mention how hard to worked to prepare for us to come and how hard you worked to keep us fed and happy! Thank you so much again for the amazing experiences of Moscow!! We love you so, so much and know that you are an incredible blessing to the great people in Mother Russia!!!

  2. LOVE the pictures! What a great trip. I am so happy you got to be together.

  3. Wow! What a wonderful experience! I better start saving my pennies so we can come too! Love you!

  4. What an amazing experience!!! I bet you loved having them there. Such cute pictures and I loved reading about all that you did. That is AMAZING Jack was baptized there!

  5. That is so cool that they got to come and it looks like SO much fun. I loved the sleeping pictures, especially the hamburger and Kate--hillarious. What a wonderful memory for those little children and Jack's baptism will always be a special memory for everyone.

  6. I loved seeing all your wonderful pictures. That is so neat they were able to come and be with you.